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More Than Words

Welcome to Kakeru's weekly rotation, More Than Words!

More Than Words - an mp3 Rotation

dragon quest viii; hero; risk

Welcome to Kakeru's weekly rotation, More Than Words!

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Welcome, everyone, to my little weekly mp3 rotation journal, More Than Words!!! *cheers* I was inspired to do this from tsuki_no_ongaku's journal, as well as by my friends at Mystic cards ^__^ I may not have all that many, but I'm trying to collect more as I learn more about music <3

There are some rules to downloading from me:

- Please comment if you are downloading something! That way, I'll know who's interested in what I have to offer :3
- Directing linking is FORBIDDEN. Besides, it won't do you much good since the files disappear after a certain amount of time, anyway xDD

- You can make requests, but they have to be mp3s that I have
- Please don't request anymore than 3 at a time
- I'll try to get your requests up on the next rotation, but please don't get impatient with me if I'm not able to

Please just enjoy what I have to offer ^__^ If you have any suggestions as to what kinda of artists/bands or songs I should try to download, feel free to drop them here and I'll check it out ^.~
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